Survivors Testimonials

Dear friends,

The fight against cancer goes on. There is no one we know who can say they DO NOT have a friend or relative who has battled this terrible illness.

"Picture the Cure" is an annual event that brings together local and international artists and their work as well as cancer survivors who accepted to pose and share their stories with everyone else.

The Canadian Cancer Society and "Picture the Cure" event is aiming at raising the awareness, bringing dedicated people together and honoring cancer survivors and victims.

We believe that our initiative is an unique way of opening new horizons for professional, emerging artists or photography hobbyists and in the same time giving everyone the occasion to do something bold for this cause.

We are asking for your support. We are looking for people who have survived this battle with cancer and would like to take part in this initiative. Photo sessions are one on one and will be arranged with one of our volunteer photographers who are making this initiative very personal and would love to meet and talk with you about your experience.

Survivorship is not just about long-term survival. Instead, it is about one's quality of life from diagnosis onward. It is living with, through and beyond cancer. The statistics are positive, but numbers do not really tell very much about how persons with cancer survive â€" physically, psychologically, socially, economically or spiritually. They do not tell us how people with a cancer diagnosis learn to live with fear and uncertainty or how they manage to be hopeful.

Let's share your experience with everyone else!
Please send us an email or call 416-302-2803 if you are interested in participating.

Thank you.

Irina Souiki
President of the Picture the Cure Association