Picture the Cure 2008 wrap up

Another calendar year, another edition of Picture the Cure, another success added to the list of events that brought hundreds of people together with the same goal : the fight against cancer through the love for art. The closing event brought such a positive and warm vibe that everyone in attendance felt like it was too early to wrap it up. Thanks to our supporters' enthusiasm, we are happy to announce that we'll be back next year with another exhibit, hopefully even more successful than this one.

Thanks to our official sponsors, LePix and The Framing Depot, we also awarded last night $500 to the lucky contestant who answered all 10 questions correctly in our one of a kind scavenger hunt. Congratulations to Catriona O. from Toronto for winning this well deserved prize!

Irina Souiki, President of Picture the Cure and Caitriona O., the winner of the $500 prize.
See more photos from the evening here

We would like to thank everyone who attended our event, as a participating artist, supporter or cancer survivor. We also thank all people who walked by the *Hotshot Gallery and were inspired to step in and admire the artwork, even buy a frame or two. Your contribution will reach those in need and we would like to remind you that 100% of our proceeds will go to the Canadian Cancer Society and the cause that we all support so passionately.

Once more, many thanks to our sponsors, LePix, The Framing Depot and Crumpler. Last but not least, thanks to all those who donated their time and worked hard to bring another edition of Picture the Cure to life. In particular, we would like to thank Beverly, Sabrina, Liz, Carla, Gerardo, Steve, Firda and Troy for their impromptu help at the gallery as well as the gallery staff who dedicated all their resources to the success of our exhibit.

On a last note, the artwork is available for pick-up at the Framing Depot, 1335 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto (map link)

We hope to see you again next year! Stay tuned for important announcements about our organization in the next few months.