Get Involved in 2009!

Hello from Picture the Cure, we all hope that you had a marvelous end of year 2008 and we are happy to see you visiting our website again! Tremendous initiatives are going on behind the scenes at PTC and we will announce those at a more appropriate time, but we wanted to give you a quick update on our donation to the Canadian Cancer Society and how we are starting the year 2009.

Although the economy was struggling, PTC managed to raise and donate $3700 to the Canadian Cancer Society last year. We are proud of our accomplishments in these tough times and we are hopeful that we will match and even surpass this amount in 2009, thanks to a few initiatives, like our partnership with Get Involved.
is a brand new networking website aimed at bringing together like minded individuals from the non profit sector who are willing to make change possible. Get Involved is also a series of 25 documentaries airing on TVO that are celebrating people from 7 to 70 years old who are making a difference in their schools, communities and through their work.

Through, we are inviting everyone to participate in our challenge : Purchase a picture and help the fight against cancer! Let's show everyone our commitment and engage other people from the community to do the same.

We believe that Get Involved is a wonderful initiative that can help, not only our cause, but everyone who wants to see their efforts translated in community actions. So don't wait up, join and participate in our challenge. Let's create a movement like no other!

Our word needs to go beyond websites or the TV screen. We must tell everyone that we are committed and that we are not giving up the fight.

Get Involved now and make your contribution to the Picture the Cure's cause your goal for 2009!