Celebrating Daffodil Month

hopeApril is Daffodil Month for the Canadian Cancer Society, beneficiary of Picture the Cure proceeds. The daffodil is the symbol of the fight against all cancer. The Canadian Cancer Society uses funds donated by thoughtful people like to you to research breast, colorectal, lung, ovarian, and other types of cancer.

Daffodil Days began as a fundraising tea party in Toronto in the 1950s when volunteers of the event decorated tables with the brightly colored flowers. Symbolizing hope and faith that cancer could be beaten, the flowers quickly became the iconography of the Canadian Cancer Society and the Daffodil Teas were born.

Soon, Toronto restaurants were donating portions of their proceeds on the opening day of the fundraising event to the Canadian Cancer Society. As patrons paid their bills, volunteers from the Society handed out daffodils as a token of appreciation. Eventually, as the daffodils gained notoriety, the Canadian Cancer Society realized they could spur more revenues for research through sales of these lovely flowers.

During the first year of daffodil sales, the Canadian Cancer Society earned $1,200. The event was such a success that other provinces across Canada, as well as the American Cancer Society, adopted the idea. Today, the Canadian Cancer Society is the largest purchaser of British Columbia daffodils, supporting an entire enterprise.

Picture the Cure supports the Canadian Cancer Society and Daffodil Month. With your donation during the month of April, you will receive a limited edition daffodil thank you card with one of the 3 photographs in this article, kindly donated by our artists (please indicate in the Paypal form which picture you wish to receive).

Spring into perfect yellow My favorite colors

Top photograph by Dawn M. Armfield
Bottom photographs by Maina Donaldson