Jan Normandale

I'm an amateur photographer who picked up photography to fill slack time in my seasonal interests. This has evolved into two areas of focus, photo-journalism and artistic interpretation. Like most ADD people this adventure has led me onto other paths. Artistically stimulated by the energetic arts scene in Toronto, I have attempted to document some of the ephemeral graffiti and wheat paste as well as other situational art found on the streets. Other facets and genres will be pursued to keep the creative process alive. I have on-going projects related to life in Toronto as well as other personal artistic outlets. In practical terms my photography is 100 percent film based. I use 135 mm colour negative film or 120 format film. Some images are taken using colour reversal film.

Born in Toronto, I have seen this city's ongoing changes in structure, style and architecture. As it disappears or changes it has stimulated me to begin a documentation of these losses. Much of it documents the mundane, some of it documents significant architectural, neighborhood or heritage losses. Other times it documents vital new changes in the cityscape.

I don't take it too seriously but if anyone cares, I'm formally educated.

Funding for cancer research is important and that is why I support this endeavor. I know four people who have been affected by cancer, two of whom have died. To listen to the two survivors makes you know supporting PTC is the only thing to do.

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